NHSAA | Membership Types & Services


NHSAA membership benefits include professional development; a collection of resources on a variety of timely and engaging topics; orientation and support of new members; public affairs service and legislative advocacy; an opportunity to have your voice lifted; leadership assistance and problem-solving support; curriculum, instruction, and assessment resources and support; communication via multiple committees, networks, and listservs; career counseling and job placement; an opportunity to enroll in the legal fund; and recognition programs. NHSAA also offers fee-based consultation services. Most importantly, NHSAA membership and sponsored events offer strategic and multiple opportunities to build professional networks, learn from colleagues, and grow as a leader.

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SSC (Student Services Center)

The Student Services Center (SSC) offers services that support, inform, and enable your work in the area of student services and provide an independent voice on behalf of New Hampshire public school districts. Active members have access to personalized services, one-to-one consultations, updates from the national and local level, the "Members Only" section of the nhsaa.org website and the SSC Digital Library, NHSAA newsletters, NHSAA updates and more.

For more information on the membership, or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to the Student Support Center Director, Jennifer Pomykato at [email protected].

Questions? Please reach out to Jenn (j[email protected])

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Season Ticket

The Season Ticket provides an opportunity for you to attend all of the 12 full-day professional development opportunities PLUS two half-day information sessions. Each Season Ticket is equivalent of 1 seat at each of the sessions offered in this program. This represents a unique and valuable way to deliver timely, high-quality professional development to your administrative team and potential future leaders.

Questions? Please reach out to Kymra ([email protected])

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EDjobsNH.com is the official job vacancy site of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association. Annual membership is based on district’s student enrollment.

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The SAPLC is a fee-based center available to public school administrators who work in member districts and are not eligible to be full members of NHSAA.

SAPLC provides access to a moderated listserv that allows members to receive weekly updates on policy and legislative initiatives; be provided timely alerts to contact legislators on pending legislation; access to member discussions on issues and concerns; and information on professional development opportunities for aspiring leaders.

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Legal Fund

Members enrolled for the current year’s NHSAA membership are eligible to apply for the Legal Fund membership as an add on, for a $75 fee.

The Legal Fund will give you the benefit of getting legal advice through the Executive Director or a Lawyer, should there be any legal threat against your personal employment contract.

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